Pet Lover’s Paradise

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France


Kolkata, The city of joy, is also the house of a ‘alley of joy’, exists is the north Kolkata, Galiff street by the name of “Galiff street pet Market”. The pet market is also called “hut” in the local dialects, which means a weekly market. It has a large variety of pets, starting from Dogs and Birds to fishes and even plants. Yes, this pet market is also the right place for people who are fascinated by the living organisms which are incapable to move i.e. plants. The market sets up every Sunday from early in the morning to late in the afternoon and it remains crowded with people buying and selling pets and also those who just witness the diversity of pets available there, with their eyes and cameras (sometimes). The huge diversity of the pet market can be categorized under the following sections :

  1. Dog section

Strolling down the north’s Galiff street, you will first encounter the dog market having a diverse variety of dogs of almost all breeds & price range available. The price range starts from 1,500 INR for a spitz pup from a reputed Kennel to INR 10,000 for a German Shepard pup, those imported from Germany costs as high as INR 3-4 lakhs. The price of Dogs from Galiff Street pet market is obviously quite high compared to the Grey Market but buying dogs from grey market is never recommended as there are high chance of getting cheated regarding the breeds of dog. For example, A Bhutanese stray has close resemblance with a German Shepard and the former is often sold in the grey market by the name of the later. A golden retriever from a reputed Kennel costs around 12,000 INR.

So if you want to buy a healthy puppy, it is best to go to a reputed kennel or a breeder, say experts. “Once a pup or a litter is born, the breeder or kennel intimates the Kennel Club of India (the apex body of kennel clubs in the country), their officers go and check the pups as well as the mother . Bodies affiliated to the Kennel Club of India issue certificates to every pup born in Indian kennels. To ensure that a pup is not sold with a false certificate, the club has now decreed that pups and their mothers be fitted with microchips in their bodies. This ensures that a dog’s pedigree cannot be faked.




2. Bird’s section

After the dog’s section comes the bird’s section, where you can find birds of all colours that can be produced by the combinations of VIBGYOR. The mesmerising atmosphere of colourful birds sets up an elevated platforms, which is no less than a paradise for bird lovers. Unfortunately, the bird’s section of Galiff street Pet market has no organisation which can certify the health of the bird you are buying, so you will have to depend on your knowledge of birds. The cost of birds are lower than that of the dogs. If you bargain hard, you can get a pair of lovebirds for  600 INR, Javas (sparrows) for 500 INR, a golden finch for 120 INR and a pigeon for only 30 INR.



3. Fish’s section

After pets of land and air, comes the next part of the Galiff street pet market where aquatic pets can be found. The fish section is equally colour-filled as the Bird’s section. This section has a dedicated forum by the name of Kolkata Aquarium Club (KAC), the purpose of existence of this forum is to update other aquatic hobbyists about the market price and photographs of different species.


4. Plant’s section 

What if someone loves greenery and wants to buy plants from the wholesale  market. Well one can also find plant of equal magnitude of variety as that of other pets. The plant section of the market lies at the end.



Pet accessories : 

Apart from pets the market also has stocks of pet accessories, which are essential for the maintenance and enhancement of pet. accessories like – Dog food, Dog house/basket, Cage for birds, Aquariums, Decorative aquarium stones, tubs etc…


Combining the presence of all these and the chorus from by the the characteristic sound of each pet, makes Galiff street pet market a rightly called ” PET LOVER’S PARADISE”.

Thank You. Feel free to comment and correct wherever I am wrong. 🙂

Take care and photographs! 🙂

– Dyutiman Ghosh



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